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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Across My Desk, new Studies and Reports on People with HIV and Bipolar

Across My Desk

Rates of Bipolar Among People with HIV Substantially Higher
source: bp magazine, winter issue 2014

"December 1, 2013 Fortaleza, Brazil---A new study has found substantially higher rates of bipolar disorder among people infected with HIV.  

Brazilian researchers who assessed outpatient adults with HIV identified bipolar in 8.1 percent of the people, compared to estimates of roughly 1.5 to 2 percent in the general population.  They also found the prevalence of bipolar 1 disorder was almost six times greater.

The authors said a better understand of the psychiatric conditions affecting people with HIV could help in improving long-term outcomes.  

The study, which appeared in the journal AIDS Care, was entitled, Prevalence of bipolar disorder in HIV-infected outpatient populations." 

Study: Mental Health Patients Up To 4 Times More Likely To Contract HIV

"Researchers found that 4.8 percent  or 51 individuals of the mental health patients receiving care were infected with HIV.  Of those found to be infected, 13 said they did not know they were HIV positive.  Study results also demonstrated that people with more sever symptoms of mental illness were at  higher risk for being HIV-infected.

The results of this important study highlight the need for research into integrated treatments for people with complex, co-occurring conditions like HIV and mental illness,” Dr. Dwight L. Evans, chair of Psychiatry, said in a press release.

The study, which is one of the largest studies to date to estimate HIV prevalence and risk factors among persons receiving treatment in mental health settings, was published Feb. 13 in the American Journal of Public Health."

For additional Facts on Mental Health and HIV from 2007 - present visit my homepage


To find a HIV Medical Provider visit HRSA (Health Resources Services Administration) Locater
Please remember when seeing your provider to also discuss your depression, severe depression and inquire about a mental health screening.

The Affordable Care Act and HIV/AIDS

Mental Health Screening-Hows your Mood?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mood Swings yielding very little writing

Dear Readers,

This blogger is having a hard time with his writing.  With mood swings comes this problem of writing.  I'm hoping to bounce back soon, but did want you all to know I think about deadlines and keeping with three blog posts a month, a challenge for anyone.

I do have have shorts.

I was on the bus the other day, this bus goes to New York City from my home a distance of less then 3 miles, but the route can take a good hour, sometimes longer do to so many brain dead people.   This couple in front of me, husband and wife over heard me say out loud when a young man boarding the bus says is this the bus to New York, I'm like no we are all going to Atlantic City.  On the front of the bus reads 159 New York City and no the rider wasn't blind.

The women turns around and looks at me and I said I'm sorry for expressing out load, she said not a problem you took the words out of my mouth.


This evening after leaving community event I offered to walk an 82 year old neighbor home, two blocks.  We get to his front door said thank you and then said would you like me to walk you home, we both had a good chuckle

Be safe, check back, I hope to be back with something a little more inspiring.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Money Hard Earned, Money Saved, Earned Income Tax Credit

I only found out about the EIC, Earned Income Tax Credit a few year back, it added to my tax return roughly 5% of my part-time income.  If you earn below $50,000 this pertains to you, but also for those who may be on Social Security Disability Insurance where your earning are limited monthly to a certain amount, that this could add to your tax refund roughly $460.00, so please complete the question on EIC, earned income tax credits.

I found one tool offered by Bank Rate very helpful, The earned income tax credit calculator.  I used to save money by doing my taxes myself...I did, but I missed this, had I known after having my taxes down for me one year my tax return nearly doubled, the added $460 helped me fill my pantry,pay doctor bills from co-pays not covered my Medicare, and something for myself, it's good to do something for yourself that you normally don't, feels good.

I know you are reading my blog and wondering why is this dual diagnosed bipolar disorder and HIV+ man talking about the 2014 tax season.  I'm educating those like me, those working part-time as the money saved will come into good use by  reducing stress and anxiety you to may suffer, especially around money. For resources on places to go for assistance for FREE please check the resources below.

Another topic I've written about in my block several years back is about Special Needs Trusts.  I recently posted that a dear friend passed away, he died February 2, 2014.  R.I.P.  Ed Holle.  As someone with a disability and fortunate enough to have had a family that took advantage if the laws that help provide me with the basic comforts like dental, eye glasses and the exam costs and repair and new glasses, another example could be assistance paying cable bill, gym membership, things that you would have to give up as you simple can't afford, this is what and special needs trust will help you with.

In the case of a closed relative or friend who's disclosed they have placed you in their will, let them know that your family set up a S.N.T. for you, and to please make certain any assets being left to you are in the name of the trust so that you can take advantage of the loved ones gift to you.  If made payable to you and you deposit it, pending the amount you will lose your social security disability insurance and the entitlements you rely on to make rent, try to keep up with medical co-pays, and feed yourself.   When the inherited money is spent, you have to reapply.   Please visit the Social Security website on disability link below.

The affordable care act doesn't apply to someone under the age of 62 who has insurance, Medicare if you are on S.S.D.I. is your insurance.  For more information on Medicare and the affordable care act please check the resources below.

Helpful Resources:

I'm not a Certified Financial Planner, nor am I someone who is certified to prepare your taxes.  I am someone to share with you key terms and links to these terms so that you like me can ASK people who are certified the questions.  It never hurts to raise your hand when you have a question or are unsure.

If you are living with HIV/AIDS contact your local AIDS service organization, for a comprehensive list, please visit for each State.

For more on Special Needs Trust please read my 2012 post:

Tool:  Blogs have search engines, use them.  I just shared additional helpful links on SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance and the following blog post link came up, please re-read past posts:   **important**

IRS and Earned Income Tax Credit

Free File

"The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) Programs offer free tax help for taxpayers who qualify."